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Offers You Can’t Refuse to BLOCK Digital Screen Blues!

If you’re a progressive wearer…

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If you’re using single vision correction…

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Swiss Design Sunglasses x Polarised Rx Lenses Starting At Just $298

Once you go polarised sunglass lenses, mere 100% UV protection won’t do anymore. That’s because polarsed lenses cut out virtually all glare for maximum visual comfort and provide top-notch optical performance by increasing clarity through greater colour contrasts.

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Nowhere else in Singapore can you find prices better than our special Swiss design Smarty sunglasses x world class polarised prescription lenses package – extraordinary quality focused on ensuring the best vision care for your eyes, especially since these come with multiple booster layers. Our packages start at just $298, with progressive options for those who require multi-focal correction, and are great for sports, lifestyle or just looking good while seeing good!

Click to learn more about how polarised lenses have been proven to improve driver reaction time by 1/3 of a second – about 7 metres when driving at 80km/h, about the length of an intersection.


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