The precision and perfection of German engineering in a stunning array of rainbow colour combinations and candy tones? If you think the Germans are about industrial design and monotones, Wissing will stop you in your tracks – and anybody else who sees you sporting one of their frames.

We like to call their patented technique the “kueh lapis method”. Famous for their iconic multi-layered stripe patterns of bright, cheerful hues from pastels to camouflages to neon, Wissing’s artisans painstakingly create each layer of acetate one at a time, only topping the next when ready to maintain the pure intensity of every colour. Individually custom designed, each frame in our showcase might be the only one you see in Singapore, or Asia, or even the world, as we dedicate time in selecting details of each component in constructing every frame. We also set a comfortable Asian fitting on the the fine acetate to ensure Wissing sits comfortably and optimally on your face.

Because of the intricate handmade process – kept secret by the workshop – each Wissing shipment can take up to five or six months to arrive. Our advice is to grab new collections as soon as they touch down!