Optometry Clinic

It’s simple: We care for your eyes.

And we now have a dedicated optometry clinic to help manage your eye health.

TES Optometry Montage 121115.jpg

As much as we love helping you look good, we take great pride in enabling you to see even better. Our certified and licensed optometrists care greatly for your overall eye health and vision, and conduct comprehensive eye examinations with the utmost precision and professionalism.

Eye Exam 2014

Our state-of-the-art optometry equipment.

Like an annual medical check-up or visit to the dentist, a regular eye exam is the most important thing you can do for your eyes. We’ll help you maintain the best vision and detect a number of eye ailments before they turn into something more serious.

Our range of tests covers everything to ensure your eye health passes with flying colours and if not, our optometrists will refer you to a trusted eye doctor or polyclinic for further diagnosis and treatment.

Comprehensive Eye Examination Menu

Comprehensive Eye Examination Menu

Please click to enlarge.

Eye Examination Packages And Add-Ons

Eye Exam Packages And Add-Ons

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Please give us a call to schedule an appointment. If there is an eye test you require that isn’t listed above, please ask to see if we provide it. You can also peruse our contact lens policy here.

Comprehensive Eye Examination

Do you recognise our chief optometrist Allain Yap?

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